Wild Swim Is a Lesson for Life.

Following on from my poem ‘Lady of Shallot’ I am struck  by the innocence and malevolence of water. What is it that entices  our darker side to want to go in? granted few of us actually do. I mean lakes, pools and even canals; places where you can’t see the bottom. Your scary white toes cannot touch the bottom. That’s the creepy part. It’s interdit isn’t it? don’t go near the water; you will sink, drown, freeze. It could be a life or death situation. Who wants to take the risk. We are bombarded with safety slogans from birth to grave. But, what is life without taking a plunge. A lesson can be taken, take the plunge jump in literally and metaphorically. Be it a cold pool in the Breacon Becons or sending that poem off or phoning him/her up to say sorry, to auditioning for that part you know that’s for you. You might not be able to see what lies beneath, but the surface is visible and sometimes if you are lucky it’s crystal clear.


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