Cancer, Grief, LIFE LESSONS, Poetry

Stay With Me

Stay With Me

Will you sit by my side
While I die ?
Will you brush my hair
And teeth
And sit by my side
While I die ?
I won’t be a nuisance
I won’t scream
In pain or moan
Or chew my food like a new born babe.
I promise not to dribble or wet the bed,
I will wear a catheter instead.
Promise me that you will sit by my side while I
I won’t give two hoots about dirty boots coming into
My house or if the hoovering gets missed or if you skip your five a day.
Just say you will stay by my side,
While I die.
I will listen when you talk and look at you when you speak,
Just please stay at my side.
I won’t make a fuss when they turn me this way and that and have the
Indignity of being stripped bare
I will leak and make mess.
But please, please stay by my side.
Tell me about food prices and litter on streets, how parking charges go up and what you ate for a treat.
I promise I won’t google what’s wrong with me,or stare at you longingly
If you tell me you will stay with me until

I die.


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