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INK Journal 2015

Ink Launch 2015 MAIN PICTURE 016

The last few months the team have been working on ‘INK 2015 Celebrate’ for Plymouth University. Last night we had the launch held at at a quirky Victorian pub in Plymouth named theĀ  ‘Bread and Roses’. There was some lovely Thai grub and a good turn out. Some of the key lecturers were there too. I was the Poetry Editor and it was so good to hear that the poetry winner was from the college that I graduated from. It is a partner college ‘Petroc’ affiliated to the University. So, massive well done to Jenna! Her poem did stand out from the off though.

These partner colleges that can now offer foundation Degrees and full Degrees have done an amazing job the last few years . The benefits are huge to these local people who before were not able to access anything like this. This is partly been down to geography and circumstances. Finances being the biggest obstacle. Partner colleges are far cheaper to do these courses at rather than at a big University, quite simply because they have lower overheads. Also, the classes are much smaller and the whole place is generally friendlier and more welcoming than a big sprawling Uni. It is the way forward for mature students especially. However, I would urge the 18-21’s to go forth though and experience life away from home to grow and mature. It is an amazing experience, and my one regret is I wish I could of hadĀ  the support to have done my Degrees earlier, but due to my circumstances then I was not able to.

One of my poems was published ‘The Mermaid Pool’ and it was a chance for me to read it out loud to a packed pub and the first one! ‘I was nervous’, would be an understatement but I wanted to, it went well but I can’t say I am in a massive rush to repeat this! This week also saw me having one of my plays selected for production at the Plymouth Theatre Royal for the Fringe Festival. So, that’s poetry, short stories and now a play published so I guess after 6 years of honing my craft I am getting there. Watch this space!