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Getting started: the easy part- writing, the hard part- social media!

All I have ever been interested in is reading and writing. It is what I was good at. Apparently. It fell by the wayside, I left home early, I worked. I also traveled a good deal and worked. I carried on with the reading part, but pen to paper as it was in those days was random and infrequent. I had a string of bad choice relationships. Finally, settled. I began to write and achieved my 20 year old goal of  a BA in English and even better a 2.1, how did that happen? Stop doubting yourself. Now finishing a part time Masters with even more creativity involved, I have a back log of good and not so good stuff to get out there. What to do? I will stumble on, twitter on, and face on with things. I need a blog. Advice from seasoned persons would be a necessity, so please accept my plea. How to get things I write onto a happy medium, get more published and do this career I have wanted for so long. Any takers?